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Advisory Board Announcement

Sunset Point Software Welcomes "The IT Undertaker", Joe Hadfield To Its Advisory Board

Manhasset, NY, November 15, 2023 – In a strategic move to fortify its product expertise, Sunset Point Software, the innovator behind the acclaimed Legacy Snapshot platform, is proud to announce the latest addition to its advisory board, Joe Hadfield. Widely known in the IT industry as “The IT Undertaker,” Mr. Hadfield brings his extensive experience in legacy systems decommissioning to the forefront of Sunset Point Software’s mission.

Joe Hadfield, who currently spearheads decommissioning initiatives at Brigham Young University and is the renowned editor of the industry-centric newsletter “Dispatches From The Frontlines Of The Zombie App-ocalypse,” will lend his expertise to refine product strategy and augment our decommissioning methodology.


Joe Labbe, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sunset Point Software, expressed his enthusiasm: “Joe Hadfield’s induction into our advisory board marks a pivotal step for our company. In an era where modernizing application portfolios is imperative, the labyrinth of residual legacy applications presents multifaceted risks. Joe’s profound insight is a beacon for us as we steer through the evolving terrain of the decommissioning market.”


With an 18-year career spanning public policy, communications, and IT leadership, Mr. Hadfield is poised to contribute a wealth of knowledge and strategic direction to Sunset Point Software. He shares our vision of transforming legacy systems into operationally efficient archives.

“The elephant in the room for the IT industry is that we just keep adding without subtracting,” Hadfield said. “Sunset Point Software removes the biggest obstacle to decommissioning legacy systems. It gives leaders peace of mind because they can let go of the old system without losing the information they need.”


About Sunset Point Software

Sunset Point Software is dedicated to facilitating “the immortal enterprise.’ By integrating the past into the present, our solutions like Legacy Snapshot transcend traditional data preservation methods. We convert complex legacy systems into accessible, AI-enhanced PDF documents, ensuring that the rich insights of historical data remain an active participant in an organization’s growth and innovation narrative.

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