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iTGC Partnership Announcement

Sunset Point Software Partners with Governance Consulting Firm, iTGC

Manhasset, NY, February 27, 2024 – Sunset Point Software, an innovator in the field of legacy data immortalization, today announced a partnership with iTech Governance Consulting (iTGC), an elite strategic consulting firm that provides advisory services in the areas of IT and IS governance, executive training and reporting, and exam, audit support, business continuity and incident response support.

Joe Labbe, Founder and COO of Sunset Point Software, stated, 'In the realm of legacy systems, retiring technology responsibly demands a sophisticated 'decommissioning discipline' that extends well beyond the conventional scope of archiving. It's a strategic approach that preserves operational integrity and empowers future decision-making, all while maintaining strict compliance. Our partnership with iTGC is founded on a shared commitment to this philosophy. Together, we are uniquely positioned to guide organizations in adopting these advanced practices, ensuring they not only meet regulatory requirements but also secure a competitive advantage through information immortalization.”


Steve Ward, Co-Founder of iTGC added, ‘At iTGC, we recognize the risks associated with data trapped in legacy systems. Many businesses lack a basic approach, let alone the adoption of a repeatable discipline. Our collaboration with Sunset Point Software, particularly with Legacy Snapshot, signifies a joint commitment to help business leaders implement strategic approaches for data preservation, decision empowerment, and compliance. This innovative partnership addresses the evolving risk landscape, empowering organizations to secure a competitive edge by championing a strategic decommissioning discipline that goes beyond compliance, fostering future-ready decision-making.”


Under the terms of this partnership iTGC will provide strategic design services and Sunset Point Software will deliver Legacy Snapshot software and creation services.


About Sunset Point Software
Sunset Point Software is dedicated to facilitating “the immortal enterprise.’ By integrating the past into the present, our solutions like Legacy Snapshot transcend traditional data preservation methods. We convert complex legacy systems into accessible, AI-enhanced PDF documents, ensuring that the rich insights of historical data remain an active participant in an organization’s growth and innovation narrative.
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Bart Farmer, 888-703-5358

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