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M&A Snapshot Announcement

Sunset Point Software Announces The Release of M&A Snapshot

Manhasset, NY, March 25, 2024 – Sunset Point Software, the leader in Robotic Document Assembly solutions today unveiled M&A Snapshot, a groundbreaking offering designed to streamline the integration process for mergers, acquisitions, carveouts, and divestitures. Leveraging its robust Robotic Document Assembly technology and proven Legacy Snapshot platform, M&A Snapshot offers a seamless solution to integrate and access critical data without the need for costly and time-consuming data migrations.

Joe Labbe, Founder and COO of Sunset Point Software said, “M&A Snapshot represents a paradigm shift in how organizations handle mergers and acquisitions integrations. Traditionally, M&A activities necessitated extensive and costly data migration projects, which could divert focus from the strategic goals of the merger. With M&A Snapshot, we eliminate this burden by enabling organizations to forgo these complex data migrations, allowing them to join operations on a day-forward basis.”

M&A Snapshot allows organizations to quickly translate their existing systems data, screens, documents and reports into a repository of AI-ready documents that can then be linked directly within the screens of successor systems. This linkage allows merged entities to hit the ground running by focusing on creating value versus for the new entity rather than creating a slew of integration projects.

George Weihs, Chief Product Officer added, “M&A Snapshot provides an integrated view into the acquired systems' information, ensuring that critical data is immediately accessible and actionable. By streamlining this process, M&A Snapshot empowers companies to concentrate on the synergies and objectives that justify the merger, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker realization of merger benefits."


About Sunset Point Software

Sunset Point Software is dedicated to facilitating “the immortal enterprise.’ By integrating the past into the present, our solutions like Legacy Snapshot and M&A Snapshot transcend traditional data preservation methods. We convert complex legacy systems into accessible, AI-enhanced PDF documents, ensuring that the rich insights of historical data remain an active participant in an organization’s growth and innovation narrative.

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