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Legacy Snapshot is our flagship decommissioning subscription service geared towards organizations who desire a systematic decommissioning discipline and prioritize ubiquitous access and operationality over mere archival services. Legacy Snapshot is a hosted service that leverages your Microsoft SharePoint Embedded repository so the snapshot documents reside always within your trust boundary. 

​Legacy Snapshot subscribers also have access to a revolutionary repository search facility called ARCHIE the Archivist. ARCHIE (Archival Repository for Chat-based HIstorical Exploration), is our Microsoft copilot which allows the following access capabilities:​

SPS Bullet.jpg
SPS Bullet.jpg

Contextual access from any browser-based application screen (meaning, searches into the snapshot can be initiated based on the information on the user's screen when they initiate the search).

Users can search the snapshot using:

  • Natural language and conversational AI.

  • Application screen field-based query-by-example searches (QBE).

  • Full text search.

  • Users can perform custom extractions of information for advanced analysis. 

  • Compatibility with Microsoft and third-party records management solutions. 


M&A Snapshot is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the integration of operations and line-of-business systems during a merger or acquisition. M&A Snapshot ensures that the merged entity can maintain operational continuity, make informed decisions based on consolidated data without the need to perform a costly and time consuming migration. 

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