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SDD Group Announcement

Sunset Point Software Partners with SDD Group

Manhasset, NY, April 22, 2024 – Sunset Point Software, an innovator in the field of legacy data immortalization, today announced a partnership with SDD Group, a leading ERP data preservation company.

Joe Labbe, Founder and COO of Sunset Point Software, stated, 'At the heart of Sunset Point Software's mission lies a steadfast commitment to resolving our clients' challenges in decommissioning and M&A integration. While our innovative Snapshot Series solutions are ideally suited for many projects, others might benefit from traditional data extraction and migration methods—or a strategic blend of both. This partnership with SDD Group enables us to enhance our offerings, combining our strengths to deliver superior, tailored solutions that best meet our clients' evolving needs.'


Tibor Kosche, Founder and CEO of SDD Group added “SDD´s mission is enabling customers to focus on what really matters for their business. By enabling the shut down of Legacy Systems, using Historia to maintain historical data and be able to retrieve it, customer will not only be able to reduce cost and optimize carbon footprint, but also getting rid of technical debt. Now, joining forces with Sunset Point Software, we are able to offer a solution that fits our customer needs even better.


Under the terms of this partnership, Sunset Point Software and SDD Group will offer their respective clients custom information preservation solutions best suited to the task at hand.


About Sunset Point Software
Sunset Point Software is dedicated to facilitating “the immortal enterprise.’ By integrating the past into the present, our solutions like Legacy Snapshot transcend traditional data preservation methods. We convert complex legacy systems into accessible, AI-enhanced PDF documents, ensuring that the rich insights of historical data remain an active participant in an organization’s growth and innovation narrative.
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About SDD Group
System Data Decommissioning is highly specialized in offering historization services for cooperate historical data. With our solution Historia we want to make data historization and easy process and allow our customers to introduce system decommissioning into their IT world as a standard approach. Covering all kinds ERP applications, Historia is the one platform you need to keep your historical data.

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CONTACT: Sunset Point Software, Inc.
Bart Farmer, 888-703-5358


CONTACT: System Data Decommissioning GmbH
Tibor Kosche, +49 172 2677553

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