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Legacy Snapshot
Empowering The Immortal Enterprise

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For all the good delivered by enterprise modernization, the dirty little secret is the "rush to modern" has left a bit of mess in its wake.

Software decommissioning
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We're creating more legacy systems faster than ever

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We're choking on technical debt

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Poor change management has left users bewildered

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Compliance risk exposures abound

Why is this happening? Look no further than the uninspired way organizations have traditionally decommissioned legacy systems. Most organizations utilize one or more the following methods to cobble together a solution that leaves users, customers and risk managers underwhelmed. 


Abandon all historic data


Application mothballing

Migrate application raw data to SQL

Software Decommissioning

Wouldn’t it be great if organizations could completely decommission outdated systems, freeing themselves from the financial and operational burden of maintaining them, while at the same time, retaining in a clear and accessible format the valuable collective wisdom these systems hold dear? Well, now they can.

Meet Legacy Snapshot

A legacy snapshot is a document-based representation of a legacy system created at the time of its decommissioning. It serves as a historical snapshot of the system, providing valuable insights into its structure, data, and functionality. Each document in the snapshot corresponds to a record in the legacy system, which could represent an employee, customer, patient, or any other type of entity.

The process of creating Legacy Snapshot involves transforming all or part of a legacy system, including its raw data, application screenshots, attached documents, and reports, into a series of digitally signed PDF documents. These PDFs can then be easily imported into an organization's enterprise content management system (ECMS) and treated like any other document set. Once imported in the ECMS, the snapshot can leverage existing access controls, search and retrieval capabilities, and records retention governing policies.

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Deep linking and the power of our AI Snaphot Viewer

With Legacy Snapshot, you'd be bananas to decommission any other way!

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